TraffiCam SG App Reviews

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Awsome app

Awsome app get it right now do it now

Nice idea, terrible implementation

Lots of waiting for UI with no indication app is doing anything. Unreliable. Nice idea. Needs code review and better design.


Useless. Image 13 hours late! When i Want to Check traffic i need the current information. Otherwise what is the point?

Good App!!!

Very useful app to have...!!!!

Ok app

Not too good its not live

The best

I really liked it


Dude by far this was THE worst app ever huge waist of my time these idiots oh me 2min of my life back. Dude u can only look at cams from some place I think its in japan or somthing and the cams arnt even live every 10 min it takes another pic. This app is bull

Dont like it

Is pretty stupid to See traffic cameras in singapore.... Theres no point...


Cant find my street

I have seen way better apps

You have to refresh it manually!

Doesnt even work

It doesnt work.... You cant click anything

I dont understand stoopid people

How can it be live?! The govt owns the cameras. The cameras take still photos every 5 or 10 minutes. How can the app developer control that? Its free for Gods sake. 5 minutes is "live" enough. I use the app daily to check which route to take. Nice job on this app.

Sucked alot

I have never even heard of these places that they have these cameras set up at!!!!!! It needs alot of work. Now I know why it got such poor reviews. Its not even live!! This could have been so much better. :(( terrible. I dont recomend it at all. Dont get this app. Waste of time

A must app for every spore drivers

Suggestion. Can you please include traffic news feed as well. Appreciate it n thks!

Fuss free? No way!

Tried it 3 -4 times always the same err says need Internet connection. I hve both 3g n wifi enabled, still no go! Fuss free? U gotta be kidding me. Sorry but this app is crap.

Excellent software

gr8! Very easy to use! Excellent software!

Good app!

What is wrong with these people? The ability to view LTA cameras on the go? Thats pretty cool, and useful. And its free? If you want to click on things or see it in 3d, go play with something else!

Extremely useful

Exactly what I need, esp for the causeway. And its updated per minute too! Awesome


Cant believe ppl expect to c their own homes, live video, or even get this to fix. Their 3g connectivity. Gj on the app and making it free.. Itll b very helpful to drivers

Works fine for me

Some of the reviews are insane. You seriously expected a LIVE webcam?? Would you also like to be able to click on a car and change its paint job, too? Its free and it does its job just fine. Quit whining.

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